How to design a cosmetic box to attract consumers?

Cosmetic box design The first point we should pay attention to is the color matching. Although many men now also have the needs for makeup, and male cosmetics have also appeared,the proportion of female friends in the customer group for cosmetic boxes is relatively large.Therefore,color matching is particularly critical and needs to be planned according to customer groups. When the product is targeted to female customers,male-oriented colors,like black and grey are not often used. For the same reason, when designing products that are positioned as high-end gift boxes, cute colors such as pink couldnot highlight its characteristics. Colors such as purple and bright blue will bring more mature and elegant temperament, which is also loved by women. .   The above are some personal opinions on how to design cosmetic gift boxes. Of course, current trends are changing rapidly, and current aesthetic standards may not be suitable for the future. But the design standards of jewelry gift boxes will not change much.

Is the cleanliness of the production workshop important when producing cosmetic boxes?

As we all know, the general custom-made cosmetic box environment is in the factory area. There will not be an industrial production unit in your community. Therefore, the surrounding environment produced by the cosmetic box manufacturer is mixed with many other industries. In the production area, the interaction between dust has become an inevitable situation. Fortunately, we can know that the dust we produce is mainly some paper scraps that meet the specifications, but other dust that floats in with the air, you can guarantee Is it 100% non-allergic to the human body? I believe no one dare to write this package ticket Cosmetic packaging box Maybe some friends will say, why is the dust on the box causing consumers to be allergic? Isn’t this a bit of a nonsense? I don’t know if the girls reading this article have such a habit of opening some boxes, if When you smell the aroma, you will involuntarily come over and smell it. If there is any, congratulations. This is the typical close contact. After that, I will not count them one by one, so everyone My partner, whether the production workshop for customized cosmetic boxes is clean is also a criterion that needs to be considered.

What innovations can we make in the printing design of jewelry boxes?

Innovation is a necessary condition for the progress of this society. In order to survive under the conditions of "survival of the fittest", both people and things must change with the impact of the environment. Take this industry as an example. Every day, designers design different jewelry boxes for customers with different needs.

How to choose a jewelry box

An exquisite jewelry box not only provides a beautiful home for beautiful women 's jewelry, but also reflects a woman's extraordinary aesthetic taste. It is also an excellent choice for urban women who carry jewelry to embellish the taste of life. So, how to choose a high-quality jewelry box?       Purchase according to materials       Every lady likes to wear beautiful clothes. The fabric of the jewelry box is like the clothes of the jewelry box. The common jewelry box fabric is PU fabric, but the fabric of a high-quality jewelry box is mostly high-quality PU fabric. They have clear texture, texture, fine luster, waterproof and stain resistant, and will not fade for many years. Most of the inferior jewelry boxes use inferior PU leather. These jewelry boxes are prone to cracking and aging, resulting in short service life;       Choose according to internal workmanship       The internal workmanship of a high-quality jewelry box should be fine, and only fine internal workmanship can make the jewelry box better preserve your precious jewelry. Most of the high-quality jewelry boxes are made of high-quality flocking fabrics, which feel very good and can take care of your jewelry to the maximum. The rough workmanship and poor materials inside the inferior jewelry box make the jewelry prone to oxidation, which makes the jewelry prone to wear and lose its original luster and brightness. Therefore, when you buy a jewelry box, you must carefully look at the internal workmanship of the jewelry box. Don't be greedy for temporary cheapness. The editor firmly believes in the principle of getting everything you pay for. I believe it is more practical and cost-effective to buy a long-life, strong, and exquisitely crafted jewelry box than those inferior and short-life jewelry boxes;
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